Last year was an unprecedented year. Sometimes we were on campus, other times we were online, and then we went hybrid. The school persisted and succeeded despite this global pandemic issue. The teachers worked tirelessly, showing the power and balance of managing both the classroom and the online sessions. Through all these challenges, my children’s education hasn’t been negatively affected. ISC-Dream City successfully guided the kids through an entire year of changes. Finally, I would like to highlight the excellent health and safety precautions taken by the school this whole year. Thank you for the hard work. I believe we are stronger together, for our children!

Lobna Sadek - The mother of Lara Zidou (Grade 3), Sara Zidou (Grade 3), and Tala Zidou (Grade 2) - Testimonials

I would like to thank SABIS® for their incredible efforts throughout the year to help the kids and parents cope with the changes and restrictions occurring during COVID-19. The kids were still able to receive a top-level education despite all the challenges.

Jouman Abou Shakra - The mother of Lynn Sami Wehbi (Grade 3) - Testimonials

About the 2020-2021 academic year:
We, as parents, would like to thank the administration, management, and teachers for all the support and dedication, hard work and cooperation shown to our children and their families.
It was a difficult year but we, as a team, made it through and arrived at the end with a great result. We are happy we chose this school for our kids as the school proved itself to be the best school ever. We are very satisfied with all services. We wish you all the best 👍

Fenick Burhan Omar - The mother of Baneen Awder (Grade 4) and Banawash Awder (Grade 1) - Testimonials

During this challenging year, the SABIS® ISC-Dream City team was outstanding. Teachers followed up with students as needed on a daily basis during online classes, showing consideration for students adapting to unfamiliar technology. Thank you, SABIS®!

Joyce El Hosni - The mother of Michael Roy El Hosni - Testimonials

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