Student Life

Music & Arts

From Kindergarten all the way through Grade 4 at The International School of Choueifat – Dream City, students are offered a context within which they develop their understanding and love of music and the arts in various forms.

Students in Grade 2 and above also have the opportunity to participate in the arts and crafts clubs run by our dedicated teachers during SLO periods.

Our talented students get the opportunity to showcase their music and arts talents at several inspiring school events and celebrations.

Each year, the Art Department organizes an Art Exhibition in ISC-Dream City that aims to showcase the talents of all students and share their outstanding creative artwork. In addition, a fashion show event is held every year, which uses some of the students’ creations in art classes and SLO clubs throughout the academic year to create fashion and household items decorated with digital copies of their artworks. Part of the revenues goes to support children with special needs and health issues, in line with the slogan “One child’s artwork could be another child’s hope.”

ABOUT ISC-Dream City

Founded in 2012, ISC-Dream City is a member of the global SABIS® Network, providing students with a high-quality education that helps them reach their full potential.




The International School of Choueifat – Dream City
100 Meter Street
Dream City, Erbil
Kurdistan, Iraq

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